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Balance & westcoast.

Keep going.

✌️ hiked 25 km today up to a glacier and all about the Joffre lake area. Seriously exhausted.



Banana coconut ginger ice cream / Recipe

mostly nature




mostly nature

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I went to the tropics 👌🌺

Jk this is in Vancouver. Felt tropical enough at 30C and 60% humidity 💀

I’d say I’ve perfected my sushi skills.
Mango+cucumber+avocado+green onion+red pepper

This was my way of not cooking food or using the oven in an un air conditioned house at 31 degrees on Sunday.


Cauliflower Pizza Crusts - A fantastic and epically healthier version of the real thing, and, no, it does not taste gross, I promise. Since I am lactose intolerant and a paleo disciple, I would omit the cheese in this recipe to make it fit my lifestyle, but there’s nothing wrong with some low fat and/or organic cheese if you get down like that. :0)

Trying to sort out my own troubles from stress recently. And this is super interesting to know!

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We can do this!